West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan is the part of Kalimantan Island.,in there lived the native islander named Dayak ,Dayak people live in Kalimantan from 3000 yars ago with their culture,tradition and myth, but in Kalimantan also live the immigrant from another island like Javanese, Chinese so they mixed their culture and lived together.Ethnic relations in West Kalimantan are marked with blood

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Europe Culture

European Culture   itself separated into some kind of culture, they usually struggling to make their culture still exist in ancient time, for example like United Kingdom, barbarian, Hungarian, Spain and the other big ethnic. European ethnic usually influenced the style of building, mode, tradition around the world, for example cathedral building, style of dressing, so European itself have a big effect for our world in many tradition and culture.

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Asian Culture

Exhibiting Asia in the 21st Century

Actually, Asian is the largest continent in the world that has a lot of tradition and culture. asian it self is separated into many style of big culture, like Chinesse, Arabian and soon..this kind of people lived in particular place of country area, so if you want to learn about them, you can see and pay attention to this site.this website show us the kind of tradition in Asia..let see !

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