East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan  is a province of indonesia. Its territory comprises the eastern portion of Borneo. It has a population of about 3 million, and its capital is Samarinda.

East Kalimantan has a total area of 245,238 square kilometres (94,687 sq mi) and is the second least densenly populated province in Kalimantan The majority of the region shares a border to the east with Wset sulawesi and North Sulawesi; its former northernmost region is now North Kalimantan; its south East Kalimantan borders the South Kalimantan. East Kalimantan’s coastline faces the Makassar strait  and the celebes sea. there are some ethnic that are living in east kalimantan, such as Bugis, Dayak, javanese, and dayak itself consist of

  • Abai
  • Ampanan
  • Bentian
  • Benuaq
  • (Brusu, Burusu, Belusu)
  • Bulungan
  • (Segai)
  • Kayan Busang
  • Kayan Mahakam
  • Kayan Sungai Kayan
  • Kayan Wahau
  • Kenyah Pusat
  • Kenyah Wahau
  • Kerayan
  • Kutai Hulu
  • Lebu’ Kulit
  • Lengilu
  • Lundayeh
  • Modang
  • Murut-Selungai Murut
  • Okolod
  • Punan Aput
  • Punan Basap
  • Punan Bukat (Dayak Bukat)
  • (Ot Siau)
  • Punan Merap
  • Punan Pnihing (Dayak Aoheng, Dayak Pnihing)
  • Punan Sajau
  • Punan Tubu
  • Putoh
  • Sajau Basap
  • Segah
  • Seputan
  • Tagel
  •  (Tengalan, Tingalan)
  • Tidung
  • Tunjung
  • Uma’ Lung
  • East KalimantanWOPA091022_D020 2010-11-23 Preview

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