Thai Culture and Customs

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today I will share a website about Thai Culture and Customs. Maybe you familiar with Thailand. Yeahh ! Thailand is unique in Southeast Asia in that the country has never been a dependency of another nation.

The roots of the traditions and cultures of Thailand lie firmly within the family structure and the Buddhist religion. The young are taught to pay respect to their parents, elders, teachers and Buddhist monks. Once Buddhism spread throughout Thailand the wat or temple became the centre of village life. It was the place where people received education, attended ceremonies and held feasts and festivals. The wat and the Buddhist religion still play very important roles in the day-to-day life of the vast majority of Thais today and it is for this reason that the people of Thailand are some of the most respectful and courteous people you are ever likely to meet.
In this website,you will know about The Thai language, Thai Religion, The Wai, The Thai smile, Hands and Feet, Addressing People, The Monarchy, Festivals and celebrations, Thai Food, Markets and Muay Thai (Thai boxing).

If you want read more, please click this link

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