Ancient Egypt

hi readers, today i will tell you about an unique website, yups, it was, in this website, you’ill find about the ancient time of Egypt, for

example the Egyptian life,geography ,pharaoh, and soon. something that makes this website very unique is the appearance of the website, designed real like the ancient time of Egypt, so come on, visit this website, and prepare your vehicle to ancient time of Egypt!

and watch this video also,,


The Living Africa

In this website, you will get the information about African ethnic.Each ethnic group has its own distinct language, traditions, arts and crafts, history, way of life and religion. At the same time, over the centuries the different groups have also influenced one another and contributed to and enriched one another’s culture. There are over 50 countries in Africa, and some of these have 20 or more different ethnic groups living within their boundaries.


Especially you can learn the majority of the countries and major ethnic groups like Bantu, Berber, Dinka, Fulani, Hausa,etc. Beside that,you can learn about language groups, religions, ethnic gallery, cities of Africa,etc.

If you want to learn more about African ethnic. Let’s see the website