People of Venezuela

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I will share you a website about People of Venezuela. This website is very useful for us. In this website you can learn learn about the great people of Venezuela. In this article, you’ll learn about the people of Venezuela, their culture, language, religious beliefs, hobbies, People of Venezuela like Venezuela – Languages Spoken by the People, People and Religion in Venezuela, Culture of Venezuela, Art of Venezuela, and Literature of Venezuela.

Venezuelan money - Bolivar focused on woman on currency.woman's face painted with the Venezuelan flag.

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Cultures for Kids


Hello readers, today i will give you an information about a websites, The cultures for kids. as we know that the children’s step is a good step for learn about culture, in order to help children understand more about another culture, even culture of his own self. Cultures for kids designed to kids only, at the front of the websites, showed a map of the world with the country that can choose by the kids easily, so it’s simple for children to process the data in the websites, for examples, if you choose map country of Germany, completed with the map, icons that can be click and show an information, also with fast fact and with game, learn the language, and you are be able to choose local scenery,

so, lets go, find out in this website..!!

Hawaii Culture

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I will share a website about Hawaii culture.Sandy beaches, blue-sky waters, and palm tree-lined shores, amazing volcanoes, and glorious sunsets are some of the things that probably come to mind when you think of Hawaii. But a beautiful natural environment is not all there is to enjoy in this earth-bound paradise, as this group of islands is also home to people with a rich and diverse culture. The culture and tradition of Hawaii are actually reflections of the land’s innate beauty.

The graceful Hawaiian dances, the meaningful and religious songs, and the various interesting art forms seem to be created with only one purpose, and that is to serve as instruments through which the beauty and the mystery of the place is expressed. The following are just some of the traditions and cultural practices that make Hawaii unique.

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Museum Of Indian Culture


okay, in this time, i will tell you about Museum Of Indian Culture, Indian is the native american people who lived in america thousands years ago, they lived with simple technology, they hunted, they did farming, they lived in wigwam houses, longhouses, teepees, grass houses, wattle and daub houses, and chickees.
so, are you interest with indian life, in this website, i will tell you about that, in the website of museum of indian culture, also has a goal in future, like lifeways and lore program for example,his interactive
hands-on program encourages children to participate by answering questions about early American Indian culture from food sources to animal pelts. Children will hear stories that are not only fun but that teach a practical lesson too! This program concludes with children making a craft that they can proudly take home.
so this website it’s not only teach you Indian, but how you become an Indian, let’s enjoy this website!:

American Culture

Native American Culture

Native American culture goes back thousands of years; to a time when these indigenous people lived in what is know known as North America. Native American culture revolved heavily around nature, and every aspect of their lives was based around the Earth. The Native American tribes worshipped the spirits of these animals as gods, but they also killed them for food and clothing. They would never waste any part of the animals though, they would eat the meat, wear the hides, they used the skin to make drums and they used the bones for tools and weapons.

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